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Why and How Phil Graves Got Started In Web Design

Engaging through web design

As a long-time youth pastor, Phil Graves has taught young people about faith and reaching a better understanding about the spiritual life.

With his activities through events and youth clubs, Phil gave his students handouts and forms. Trying to get the kids to fill-out the forms and have them turned in on time, however, wasn’t always easy.

Phil needed to spend less time chasing down forms and more time engaging with his youth groups. He knew if he could put the forms online and other information about upcoming events and trips, it would make things easier for everyone. So he taught himself how to build websites and upload the forms to the sites.

Problem solved – no more chasing down forms!

Self Taught Autodidact

In his teachings, Phil realized he needed to incorporate graphics to get his point across – a picture is worth a 1,000 words. He knew the graphic designers had fees that were not in his budget, so he taught himself Photoshop by reading and watching tutorials.

Phil says that

“graphics and the web have a way to connect people of this generation to the messages we are trying to give them. If you want to catch a fish, you go to the water, if you want to connect with this generation you use technology.

Keep up the great work, Phil!