Top 25+ Fundraising Consulting Firms for Better Fundraising

Meyer Partners

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

Meyer Partners is a full-service nonprofit marketing agency dedicated to helping nonprofits maximize returns on their fundraising efforts.

Nonprofits often struggle with messaging. With only a few seconds to a few minutes to connect with donors in a fundraising appeal, it’s difficult to know how to use this precious window to effectively inspire a donation. The Meyer Partners team is full of experienced fundraising experts who know how, when, and where to communicate with donors to drive them to contribute. And that’s not even close to all Meyer Partners offers.

⊕ Consulting services

Meyer Partners’ services for nonprofits include the following:

  • Direct response fundraising (print and digital)
  • Email campaigns
  • Landing page optimization
  •  Disaster response fundraising
  • Data analytics services
  • Donor cultivation and upgrade campaigns

With your marketing needs safely in Meyer Partners’ hands, your organization can focus on cultivating lasting, meaningful relationships with your donors.

⊕ Why we recommend them

Meyer Partners is both a data-driven and human-driven communications agency. They prioritize storytelling and building connections with supporters while also remaining deeply data-driven and results-oriented.

Meyer Partners will not only craft a meaningful message that your donors want to hear, but they’ll also effectively implement this message across an integrated, multichannel campaign.

From awareness to engagement, fundraising, and retention, Meyer Partners has the skills, passion, and creativity to effectively engage your nonprofit’s community of supporters and further your cause.

DNL OmniMedia

⊕ Overview of the consulting firm

DNL OmniMedia is a nonprofit consulting expert on everything technology. They’re particularly skilled at developing strategies to unite your tech, fundraising, and development goals.

They know firsthand how strong web design paired with the right software can translate into serious improvements in a nonprofit’s ability to raise support across all digital channels.


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