Creating a Church Budget Sheet

Calculator and pen on table

Here is an example of a basic spreadsheet for a church budget:

Category Budgeted Amount Actual Amount Variance
Tithes and Offerings $50,000
Building Maintenance $15,000
Salaries and Wages $30,000
Utilities $5,000
Insurance $2,500
Supplies $2,000
Missions $10,000
Special Events $5,000
Other $5,000
Total $115,000

In this spreadsheet, the “Budgeted Amount” column contains the amount of money that the church has budgeted for each category. The “Actual Amount” column will contain the amount of money that was actually spent on that category. The “Variance” column will show the difference between the budgeted amount and the actual amount.

You can add or remove categories as needed. For example, you might want to include separate categories for staff salaries and operations, you can also breakdown other categories even further, like splitting Salaries and wages into different department or staff.

It would be helpful to have a line item for income such as contributions and grants, this line item will allow you to track the income and plan accordingly.

Additionally, you may want to include a sheet with a breakdown of expenses per month, this will allow you to see where the church is spending money on a month to month basis.

You could also use the spreadsheet to track donations by individual contributors, or to track attendance at special events.

Keep in mind that this is just a basic template, and you should tailor it to the specific needs of your church.

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