Night to Shine in Frederick and Washington County

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We are excited to announce that All Saints Media is not only a proud sponsor but also the creator of the official website for the Night to Shine event in Frederick and Washington County, Maryland. This heartwarming event is part of a global initiative by the Tim Tebow Foundation, designed to provide an unforgettable prom night experience for people with special needs.

What is Night to Shine?

Night to Shine is a unique prom night event, focusing on God’s love, for individuals with special needs aged 14 and older. Launched by the Tim Tebow Foundation, this worldwide event celebrates these amazing individuals by providing them a night of joy, recognition, and fun. The event is held annually on the same night across the globe and is a testament to the value and love that every person deserves.

The Role of All Saints Media

All Saints Media is deeply honored to contribute to this inspiring event. Our team has designed and built the official website for Night to Shine in Frederick and Washington County, aiming to create an accessible and informative online platform for participants, volunteers, and supporters. As a sponsor and a digital creator, our commitment extends beyond just financial support; we are dedicated to actively promoting inclusivity and celebrating the special needs community in our region.

A Call for Volunteers

This event’s success hinges on the compassionate involvement of volunteers. We are calling on members of our community to join us in making this prom night a magical and memorable experience. Whether it’s helping with event setup, being part of the welcome team, or assisting in various activities during the event, your participation will make a significant difference.

Be Part of This Magical Evening

We cordially invite everyone to be a part of Night to Shine. To learn more about the event, volunteer opportunities, or register a loved one as a guest, please visit our website at Night to Shine Frederick. This website is your gateway to all the information you need about this special event.

Join us in creating an unforgettable night that celebrates love, dignity, and the joy of our special needs community. Let’s come together to make Night to Shine a shining example of community love and support!

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